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First and foremost, many know we hit the capacity of data that can run at any given time on one map-server. This has caused us to work on adding more servers into the game.

These servers are not preset up. Every bit of it required piece by piece assembly and hours of testing and error handling. All team members were instructed to ignore the testers desire for more content and to solely focus on getting this completed asap.

There was a small change of plans when we realized how annoying the blue box and the bugged group systems were. So we stopped focusing on the map-servers and repaired these bugs nd returned to work.

At this time we have 2 map-servers running on our test environment. The servers are connected and not crashing randomly. They are connected in almost every manner now. This is avlist of things the server does have working at this time:

Boards, Mailboxes, Whispers, Whispering Winds (Sage), Item box bug is fixed, Group bug is fixed, Mini Games are running normally, Spawn system is established between both Map-servers, NPC’s are spawned on both map-servers.

While working on all these things there has been quite a lot of QQ. Please direct any and all issues you have to Peter. He is the customer Service. Jacob, Xephor, and even Delmar at this time are not here for you. It is okay to whisper about an exploitable bug you found or about lapis. (Which we will make automatic sometime soon from website)

Peter will answer any of your questions, concerns, or if you just want someone to talk to. That is his job. He was in a car accident but he should be back on tonight or tomorrow morning.

We will work on integrating the new map-servers over to the live environment as soon as I stop thinking of new things to check if they work properly. We are not rushing this because it has to be done right the first time or it will cause tons of lost and/or corrupted data.

There will be absolutely no spawns added to this server until we finish migration. So if you get a quest for something that is not spawning, you must abandon the quest. You drew the short straw. If you have not done Cathay quest yet, you will need to wait unti migration is completed.

Migration will begin as soon as we are sure it is ready, which could be as early as tonight and as late as a few days.
You patience is appreciated.

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