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We will be making many changes to every aspect of the games combat systems over the next week. This will be represented in a real time environment so it will affect players and paths in specific as changes are made. Some players may feel discouraged or even upset over there damage in comparison to someone else’s damage. I would like to remind you that you only look in your neighbor’s bowl to see if they have enough, not to see if they have more or you do. Your comments and suggestion will be 100% ignored about anything combat related over the next week. So it is highly suggested that instead of message and saging things like, “Fix this please” instead write a full thorough post on the board with your detailed experiences from your damage, time to kill, and what you think is not correct and your suggestion for how to balance it. Since most people are very biased to just what they get to do, we understand a bit of frustration and wish you to have patience as we make our alterations.

We know some paths feel like they have been getting the shit end of the stick. They are not exactly wrong. The Fighter and the Wizard are the most essential classes for determining the balance between the Scoundrel and the Priest. So these 2 will see changes first, they will also see the final results first since they are the essential roles. Scoundrel will follow after them and lastly priests will fall in line. There will still be room for improvement as time goes on. So, in conclusion, If you are unable to accept that changes that are being made during this week, I have a few suggestions to assist you in getting the most enjoyment out of your time.

Things you can do:
Read a book, Try another path, Write some guides, Do some role-playing, attempt to organize a group of individuals for future clan content, use your afflicted characters just for mini game exp, go try one of those other booty ass servers so you have something to feel better about, just generally try to help new players get the feel of the game, and maybe write some suggested story line / quest events / clan RP stories so we can try to be inclusive with your rp in our overall story lines. If none of the options above is suitable I have no idea what to tell you. We will not rush, we will not be bullied, and we will not stop what we are doing to explain our every action during this process.

I appreciate all of your patience and genuinely hoe that when this is done that we can start the story lines for the game and unlock the specs.

It appears there is some tales of heroes who have been hearing the ramblings of one named Cherewoot. Cherewoot is a god of death. In the past he was worshiped as a god of murder. Many assassins and contracted killers would say a prayer for Cherewoot to guide their attacks and make their blades sink deep. If he escapes it will not bode well for the world. ((More info on this will come later, in game))

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  • alt_example

    Scylla May 29, 2017 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. I am happy with the changes and glad to see so much going on, I can not wait to see the end result of it all. I am grateful for the time all of you have put in for us and I’m happy to be part of this!
    #greatgms #somethingnew #mornatales

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