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As of today the Fighter and Wizard have complete formulas for all spells 1 – 255. 
All Fighter, Scoundrel, Wizard, and Priest Shop items have stats from 1 – 255.
All Fighter spells have formulas in spells on test server.
Wizard spell formulas need to be transferred from charts into the spells themselves on test server.

Scoundrel and Priest paths should be much easier to complete.
Progress is going well for the Combat system. 
Just a few more days until we might be able to display the changes in action.

On another note, thanks to Jroc and Xephor, some 60 new coats have been added.
They can be found in The Drunk Duck Inn at the heart of Hon by the Sea.
Kandi would be glad to help you try on some new outfits.

Thanks again to everyone for their patience and understanding as we work to make Morna a great experience for everyone.

We will be releasing some of the charts in a downloadable document so you may see the formulas in action.
This will allow the testers who think they are great at math to create a detailed portfolio of their findings.
I want to see whether or not changes need to be made and I want it to be in a way that anyone can see how those changes would take place.
This should allow for the ultimate experience for everyone and less confusion about how the combat works.

Happy Hunting!

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