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As of this night, all that is left before releasing new combat system are mob spells. Luckily most of the mobs with spells have been constantly pushed back, so there is not a massive amount of spell needing new formulas.

What will be available on release of system?
Well that’s a very thoughtful question. On release there will be 110 levels of spells for the 4 base paths. There will be many new spells and many other spells have been removed from the game entirely.
On top of that there will be 255 levels of shop gear and basic cave drop gears all in database and able to be dropped, not that you can obtain them all, cause you are still limited by level 110 cap.
All mobs in all caves will have new stats. Bestiary will be practically useless for a while. F1 character status probably wont be fully integrated yet. 
You can expect some spells to do weird things. Who knows what yet, but something is going to happen.
We will also be releasing a weapon / armor / shield / helm / boots skinning service. This will provide tokens that can be used to skin items. These tokens are one time use. Once you skin an item with your token, the token will disappear, the item will have new look. You may choose that you do not like your skin anymore and want a new one. You can also unskin the items. Unskinning items is free, but you will not get the skin back. It will be destroyed on removal.

What is to come after combat system?
Well first off we will be finishing an audit on prices of items in game and adjusting all item values for buy and sell. 
We will be heavily invested in the first few weeks on just watching the new system and seeing how it is going. 
A major focus will be pushed towards creating the PVP values for all spells and swings for carnages and other Player Kill style events. 
We will also be looking to add back in the ability fields, mining, more plants, more crafts.

After we have sufficiently made progress on crafting and pvp we will turn our efforts back to Specs. This is going to be a pretty hefty endeavor and will take some time to complete. On a good note, when specs are finished it will open the doors to 6 San-like ranks at levels 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, and 250.

A few things that were not yet mentioned:
We will begin making clan functions and features as soon as all the selected Liasons have discussed and formed a design request. We will create clan banks for items and money. Maybe we will create a storage chest as well for clan to keep free items that any clan member may use and contribute to.

Cherewoot has been a bit quiet lately. That does not bode well. If he is not running his mouth then he could be planning something big. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming world event.

Well that is enough words for now.

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