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As many of you may already know, we have been working tirelessly on the new combat system. It is our great pleasure to announce that it has gone live. We delayed making the announcement because we knew there was going to be a lot of kinks to work out before it could be called completed. We are still aware there are some minor bugs left to be discovered and we will repair them one by one until there is nothing left to fix so we have to make something new, to break it, to fix it. 

There will be posts added to the Path Specific Boards relating to what each paths spells do and how they work together. We will be posting the formulas for attack skills on the boards as well. This will help make everyone be able to double check our work as well as focus on minimum and maximum stat builds. 

There is standard return rates on SP. Might, Will, and Grace take 1 SP in return for 1 of the respective stat. You may only place 1 point in your primary stat for each level of your character. Armor return is 1 SP for 80 Armor. This means that squishy classes like Scoundrel and Wizard may consider putting some points in your Armor to soak some damage and not be killed super fast.

New Weapon Skin system has been implemented.
Over 100 new coats added to Kandi’s Shop in Drunk Duck Inn.
Keep tuned for more detailed information in game.

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