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Update on Specs to my knowledge:
The cathay spec npc’s are set up now with their info for changing paths, only need to be active and have spells in the learn spell function.
Rebirth mechanics have everything except the new base minimum vita and mana stats.
All spells formulas, scripts, animations, and sounds are completed. (Though we allowed players to pick the spell animations and sounds so they might be really weird and in need to replacing later.) If you do not like a spell animation or sound, then go to the Game Room in Hon and click on the NPC’s and find your own spell graphic or sound and submit the suggestion to Peter IN Game.
All spells are working properly in the TESTING environments. This does not mean you will not find a way that was not though of to cause problems. We anticipate some crashes, some spells acting weird, but mainly I think it would just be the summons that could cause some real issues.
Pretty much everyone knows that Mob AI is the most wonky part of our server thus far. As such we do not expect that to just be instantly resolved with release of more Mob AI.
Just like any major game update we have done, errors will happen. We are not super professionals with master degrees in anything. We are a small team of passionate programmers trying to create an enjoyable game that will last for many many many years to come. If you have complaints, suggestions, or need to report something then do so with the appropriate demeanor. Take the time to create a post with as much details related to the issue as possible. If we do not get enough info to review something with then we will not review it. We might ask you to clarify but we will not start an investigation into a “bug report” if the report just says, “Blah dont work, fix it.” That provides no usable data and will be ignored outright.
If you are the type of person who gets super pissed off at any interruption, then take a week off because classes start tomorrow and after today, and for the next few weeks, the GM team will be on slightly reduced hours as they get into the groove with their classes. Peter is taking a full load 15 credit hours. He will be extremely busy for a bit, he will continue working on updates, bug fixes, and new content, but he will do those in the time he has available between classes and homework.
I believe that Peter said he was going to make a set of old armors for each spec and set them at level 5 with the stats of a level 110 gear. This will allow players to remove their gears on accident and re-equip them without the worry of losing significant power while leveling up again after the rebirth. I am unsure if they will be available on the same day as launch, so until you see the armors, KEEP YOUR GEAR ON! No GM can put it back on you after removed.
Once Specialization goes live, anyone who joins a spec will immediately have the level cap removed and extended to il san Rank 1. We will also be adding in Il san trials since we have all the il san spells ready as well.
Specialization paths CAN NOT BE CHANGED. This is a life long choice. No GM is permitted to assist any player in removal or changing of Spec. If you do not like your path anymore, then you will need to make a new one to go down another path. This is not because we can not change your Spec, it is because the system that was built to handle all spells and gear and stats is so in-depth that I am not allowing any of the GM’s to mess with it. So when you make your choice, you better be certain that is what you want.

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