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It’s been a while since this page was updated, but new things are happening in the game all the time! Here’s a sample of our updates from October so far:


If you are missing any items from your bank, please alert a GM. This issue is known and has been resolved, but the fix must be applied to each character manually by the GM, and only takes a minute or two. If you believe you are affected, contact Peter or Jacob in game.

New Stuff:

  • Using a basic rune will now return you to the Drunk Duck Inn.
  • Paralyze now works on gargoyles.
  • Updated GM Minigame powers to make things easier on us
  • Blue Roosters have found their way back to Hon
  • Peter knocked down a wall in the Drunk Duck Inn 
  • Chi-Fu the Hon Administrator can set your nation to Hon (useful if you see “Cathay” on pressing ctrl+w)
  • Some of the world’s shopkeepers have broadened the lists of things they will purchase
  • A crude Carnage system was created and is being tested. Most core functionality seems to work, but many spells are still not yet set up for PvP
  • Shield Skins are now available from Kandi in the Drunk Duck Inn
  • Shield Dye is now available from the Dye Merchant in Agnes’ Shop
  • Entering minigame prize/loss rooms will now restore your life as well as your Divine Light
  • Added a new minigame, Zombie War 


  • Specialization level has been reduced to 100 from 110.
  • Worked on balance for Bard, Paladin, Samurai and all Priest specs.


  • Bard Song of Health heal amount changed to %10-15 of max HP of caster
  • Bard Hypnotic Song sleep duration increased from 8s to 15s
  • All scoundrel bombs and traps have had fuse time increased to 5s and can be detonated manually by casting again
  • Brutal Throw will now hit 6 enemies in a line
  • Shield spells will now reset their duration when renewed
  • Paladin’s Crippling Blow has been changed. Instead of using the  target mechanic, the spell will start looking for an enemy at the tile in front of you,  and if it doesn’t find one it will keep looking. If an enemy is found in the first 6 tiles, it and all enemies adjacent to it will be affected. 
  • Created new Paladin Spells Power Boost, Mend Mind and Inspire Ally.


  • All minigames (Freeze War, Beach War, Sumo War, Elixir War, Bomber War, and Zombie War) have been added to a new modular system to both make it easier for us to add new minigames, and to improve stability of the games by ensuring that timer-based events execute as expected.
  • Elixir war will now display how many players on each team are left on field.
  • Elixir/Freeze bow graphic will now match team color. 
  • Freeze war now has a limit of 60 arrows per round
  • Sumo War will now display your current score for the round in  the top right of the screen
  • Sumo War will now broadcast who dunks who, including bridges
  • Lava will now close in on the players during Bomber War. The teams bases will be engulfed by lava in 60 seconds, then, starting at the edges of the map, every 30 seconds the lava closes in toward the center.
  • Fixed “How to Play” option for Freeze War
  • Minigame winners will now receive a prize of 10,000 coins.


  • Wait time for Cathay quest has been reduced to 1 hour
  • Updated some low level quest rewards

Bug Fixes:

  • Shield of faith now has a 30 minute limit.
  • Fixed a bug where Egon’s ghost hunt did not work properly for Spec classes
  • Fixed bug preventing some characters from entering higher cave levels.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Arena Exit Chickens from working
  • Fixed a bug causing trial bosses to cast spells on dead players
  • Fixed bug causing Sumo Course to behave weird.
  • Fixed bug causing some people to get stuck in Minigame loser rooms.
  • Fixed Quest Log to show who you last spoke to in the quest
  • Updated Cave Chart, fixed locations of errant caves and added Crypt



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