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All of our updates are posted on the in-game boards, but it has been a while since they were posted on the website.

These are all of the in-game update posts we have made since the end of October:




Many bosses will see through your invisibility properly

Quest writing template added to the english community and quest/guide boards

craft armor and helm have stats for fighter
ability to craft steel sword has been fixed.

Many items that did not have repair costs are now repairable.

If they find an items that cant be repaired you can mail Peter, but he left some unrepairable intentionally.

Updated the way Bomber War resets the map in order to cause less lag.

Many drop rates have been adjusted.

Fixed a bug causing items to not drop properly in death piles.

Fixed a bug causing BOD items to not properly break upon death.




Put in a fix for a reoccurring crash bug that happened after about a day of uptime.

Reduced item counts required for most quests.




Most of the work lately has been on behind-the-scenes functions and some things that aren’t quite ready for players to see.

Fixed map error in Bomber War.

Fixed some errant behavior in Scoundrel bomb spells.

Some drop rates have been increased.

Did a ton of work on clan implementation, as well as preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving event.

Trick or Treat is over for this year, and the rest of the Halloween festivities will be closing down in the next few days, so get those EXPs, legend marks and Trogdor Helmets while you still can!




Fixed a bug causing banks to not limit the number of items deposited to your character’s number of bank slots. This lead to some people depositing more than 255 items, causing some to disappear.

Fixed a bug causing items to not take durability damage when attacked.

Fixed a bug causing some mob spells to not work properly.

Players can now change their login location by speaking to NPCs in the Drunk Duck Inn, Three Tree Inn or Hon Arena.

Basic Rune will return you to your login point unless your login point is a clan map, then Basic Rune will return you to the Drunk Duck Inn.




Added Delete Item function to F1 Menu

Fixed bug causing Flurry of Knives to mess up mob behavior.

Fallen’s Dark Magic can now be self-cast like Wizard zap spells.

Fixed bug causing Fallen’s Decay Area to not work properly when cast on other players or mobs.

Fixed bug causing Break on Death items in inventory to not break.

Temporarily disabled login rewards in order to revamp the system.

New spell Open Path available for all DarkKnights level 5+

Clan system is completed and ready, talk to Peter for more information.




Shearing and Woodcutting gathering skills are now available.

Sawyering refining skill is now available.

Clan Scrolls will now work from Cathay Server. If your login point is not the clan map, the scroll will bring you to a point just inside the entrance.

Fixed some broken crafting legend marks

Fixed a variety of small crafting bugs, including one preventing players from crafting Copper Pickaxes.

Thanksgiving event is well underway and I’m sure you are all enjoying that nice bonus.

For those lagging behind, we have 3x exp, 2x drops and 2x craft XP all week long, so go and get it while you can!




Weaving is now available.

Daily Login Rewards can now be claimed in the F1 menu.

By popular demand, Gathering Bags have been added to the Lapis shop, to let you hold extra crafting materials.




Made adjustments to item pickup functionality to stop servers crashing from ctrl+comma.
Ctrl+comma will now only pick up the first layer of items around you each time it is pressed.

fixed bug where Repair All would repair non-repairable items

Some adjustments to crafting systems, much more coming soon, starting with the rest of the potions and plants for alchemy.




Herbalism/Alchemy is now fully implemented, all herbs and recipes are available and all potions can be crafted. This has not been extensively tested, so please report any errors you encounter in this system.

Mining Caves are now open and populated.

Smithing systems have begun updates, much more left to be done.




Skill exp for gathering nodes has been adjusted. Some numbers increased significantly, others reduced a bit.

Clan Primogens can now change the color of their Clan Manager NPC in the Clan Administration menu.




Fixed bug where Black Walnut Boards could not be crafted.

Fixed bug causing some potions to not work properly.

Priest gear grace increased.

Mob damage ranges as well as might and grace stats have been adjusted.

EXP increased for mobs at level 40 and 80-90.

Three new Fallen spells added:
False Life and Hide Presence for level 5+ and Hands of Thule for level 125+

  • False Life can be used to stop an ally from dying.
  • Hide Presence teleports and turns you invisible.
  • Hands of Thule is a damaging AOE on the map.




Edited Petrify duration/aether a day or two ago

Some priest spells have new GFX.

Mob damage ranges finished updating, one effect will be an increase in Fighter survival time at level 99+.

Metal crafts greatly updated:
-All craft EXP amounts reviewed
-All Item recipes reviewed and confirmed
-All item diagrams available for sale
-All items available for crafting
-Gear stats are not yet set
-Currently priest gear will look the same as fighter gear until the next update is pushed.



Fixed bug in F1 Delete Item function

Fixed animation bug related to Smithing

Metal crafts now 100% complete, outside of crafted gear stats which are not accurate in the least, updates coming to those in the next day or two.
-Final adjustments made to success and fail rates
-Crafted tools can now be used
-Quality chances for crafting adjusted
-Crafted Priest gear now has appropriate looks and icons
-All Herbalism and Metal crafts now have proper XP values

Turkey Event is winding down, and will end in a few days, so get that EXP while you can.

Have fun everyone!




Costs, stats, etc for all crafted gears are totally complete for Fighter and Priest.

Updated Mornanian Elm Tree to look different from Poplar Tree

Added new Beta Mount Box IV for the holidays, with a huge selection of red and green mounts.
– 89 mounts altogether
– 8 new epic mounts
– best rarity ratios of any box so far

If you have unwanted mounts, Simon in the Clayven Courier Stable will take them off your hands. For every 5, he will give you a gift.




Fixed a couple crafting bugs causing certain items to be uncraftable.

Fixed a bug causing some non-repairable items to be repaired.

Carpentry is now available, however crafted gear is still lacking stats.


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