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We know this website doesn’t get updated as often as some of you would like, but here are the Updates posts from our ingame boards since December:



Fixed a bug preventing Smith Hammer from being crafted
Fixed another bug related to item repair and non-repairable items Major work done on Shearing, Weaving, Tailoring. Tailoring almost ready for release. Tons of useful information posted by GM Peter on the Craft Information board.
Thanksgiving event is closed, everyone had fun and got a ton of exp. Stay tuned for Xmas happenings!


Craft Merchant in Cathay will now buy anything craft-related
Tailoring is available.
Fixed bugs preventing some wooden tools from being crafted.
Fixed bug preventing silk from being collected from Golden Spider.
From now on, all Divine Light will now also add multipliers to crafting exp gained, as follows:
1.5x DL  – 1.1x craft XP1.75x DL – 1.25x craft XP2x DL    – 1.5x craft XP3x DL    – 2x craft XP


In case you missed it, the Christmas event is live. It’s a wintery playground for you all to get your holiday hunting fill, as well as bonus gathering areas for herbalism.
There’s a small quest but it’s more of a treat than a trial. Start your adventure by meeting Ernest in the Hon Guild Building.
Oh yeah, thanks to our wonderful community you can all now enjoy 3x exp, 2x craft EXP and 2x drops for the next two weeks or so.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


Set Vita and Mana caps to the same stat
Set the guardian rings and burning boots to not work in events, drunk duck inn, and sire
Removed cyclone and elder ogres and bosses from daily scripts
Burning Boots won’t activate as often now.
New Weapon skins, coats and capes added to the Lapis Vendor.


Merry Christmas!
Rank 2 (Ee San) trials are available, rank 2 spells are not yet complete. Super early and untested, so have fun and report your bugs.



Gateway Lv2 has been updated to include cathay road, wilderness and market city. A change has been made to EXP rollover: 
Under the old system, EXP over 4b converted to maxes, which could then be converted back to EXP. Now, when your EXP goes over the maximum amount, that max is moved to an EXP bank and your current exp is reduced to the overflow amount. EXP is automatically spent from the EXP bank when selling for stats. On death, players will lose 50% of their current EXP and 10% of banked EXP. Current and Banked EXP can be seen in the F1 -> Character Status window


Unskinning a weapon or shield will now unbond it as well.
Updated the way mounts work, speed should persist without weird losses, and mount speed will now stack with haste spells and other speed buffs.
Added new spell Consecrated Ground for Paladins level 126+ 1/10/17
Minigame Prize money for winning team raised from 10k to 25k.
Minigame EXP rewards for pre-99 raised from 15% of a level to 50% of a level.
Minigame EXP rewards for post-99 raised from 3 sells to 4. EXP rewards in all cases are still reduced to 75% for the losing team.
All minigame victories should now give minigame points like they should.
Wizards no longer make an exclusive choice of element, all elemental spells are freely available to learn in the spell trainer.
You can still only have one spell from each of the following groups:
Shockwave/Burning Hands/Cone of Cold
Call Lightning/Fireball/Hailstorm
Electric Barrier/Flame Shield/Ice Armor
Thunderstorm/Flame Surge/Flurry
Learning any other spell in that group will make you lose your prior spell knowledge. 


Updated sound and gfx on Shield of Faith, Mana of Heaven and Hasten Allies.
Added weapon hit sounds, more variety to come soon.
Fixed issue causing mobs to hold onto a target after it has left the room.
Fixed right click not showing some item stats.
Dragon’s Den now has a level cap of 149.
Room Provoke has been removed from everyone and is currently under review. 1/15/18
Base and Spec trainers now only teach their own respective spells.
Your learn spell list will no longer display lower level versions of spells you already have with the same name.
Updated Swing damage scripts so every spec has their own swing formula, adapted to fit the role of each spec path.
Armor and Dam stats on many crafted, event, and other new items have been corrected from their previous insane values.
Removed all potions better than Strong quality from shop. If you want them you will have to craft them.
Increased potion cooldown timers slighty.
All self-heal spell heal amounts have been reduced by 10-15%
Bard Song of Health is now 3s aether, and has a new formula.
Paladin now has extended duration and reduced aether on Rhino’s Endurance


The minigame registration timer will now also display the current number of registered players.
All minigames now have additional EXP rewards for individual participation during the game.
Crusader’s Divine Prayer now adds extra stat bonuses.
Crusader’s Leap aether reduced.


Cosmetic pets have been added to the lapis shop
These pets cannot be summoned while in a cave.
Currently their only function is to follow the owner around, and teleport to the owner when too far away.
More commands and functions to come soon.

There are some pets available in the “Buy Pets” section of the lapis shop, and there are also boxes containing a selection
of 32 different pets that are not available outside of the Series 1 box.
If you have any suggestions for pets or pet functions please mail Peter.


Dragon’s Den level cap raised to 159.
F1 -> Bestiary has been split into regions and sorted alphabetically.
Lortz Bounty Hunter will no longer offer 0 coin bounties.


Pets can now be issued the following commands:
“pet stay” – The pet will stay in place, facing whatever direction the owner is facing at the time of command.
“pet follow” – Pet will leave the ‘stay’ state and follow the owner.
“pet march” – Pet will mimic animation of walking in place.
“pet attack” – Pet will mimic animation of attacking. 
“pet play dead” – Pet will mimic animation of dying.

All players now have the ability to use the name of their current Path as a Title.
Several updates made for Viashinos Clan.


Fixed several errors in Assassinate spell.
Fixed error with strange warping from Banzai Charge, similar issue still to be resolved in a couple other spells.
Renew Spirit has had an erroneous aether of 5 seconds for quite some time, this is been increased back to the intended 5 minutes until further review.
This spell will have its timer reduced, but first players need to get used to their real spell aethers.
All spells have had the first pass of PvP review, and are available for PvP testing. Sire Pit has been set to
balance players to 100k/100k stats, which is how we intend to run our first season of Carnages.
Fixed some spells showing on learn list earlier than they should.


PvP spell values adjusted.
Carnage added to minigame rotation and rentals.
Due to discrepency between server time and USA timezones, daily quests should now all reset at 7PM EST
Fixed several more items not showing stats on right click.
Room Provoke is now available again for all Knights and Paladins level 50+
Many pre-99 monsters now give increased exp
Many pre-99 bosses now have reduced hp


Slot Machines are now available in Hon Casino. See the desk clerk for information and chips.
Added 30+ new Lapis coats to Kandi’s shop
Added 2 new series of Random Coat Packs to Limited Time Offers in Kandi’s Shop. These each have 30+ different coats not available anywhere else.
Invaders have landed ships near Hon! See Major Astrek at the palace to join the fight.
Please send event cave feedback by mail to Peter.


Fixed coat boxed to be properly separated into Male and Female.


Fixed bug where Lunging Club Strike would not hit mobs at full health.
Lapis shop updated with new Valentine’s items.
Holiday week is in effect with 2x exp and drops, 1.5x craft exp.
A holiday legend mark is available, for those who can find it!
All characters who have achieved Specialization are now eligible to learn a Talent ((RP Spell)) if you can find the right place to learn.

Hon is still fighting back the Sparro invaders, and many citizens are reporting that the Cultists have withdrawn from their incursion into the city.


Added a new Talent to the list of choices.
Updated many PvP spell values.
Clans can now save multiple map variations by choosing “Save to new map” inside the “Edit Map Values” menu in Map Editor mode.
Once saved, maps can be selected using the “Map File” option on the menu.
Ice Palace is open north of Cathay for all adventurers level 100+ to enjoy. Many factors of the dungeon are still experimental, so please share your experience.
In addition, 8 new equipment drops are available for those who brave the Ice Palace’s danger!


Shield Skins and Face Accessories are available again from Kandi’s Shop.
Renew Spirit aether reduced to 120s.


Cold Iron Plains available, (read MornaTales board for all information on current event): 
new Hunting area 150+
15 caves available, one more to come
20 new BOD equipment items
16 new quest progression items
Bestiary updated with Cold Iron mobs

Crypt levels 26-45 available

A slew of new and updated spells for characters level 150-160:

Clean Slate: reduced aethers. Added new spell effects to remove
Greater Cleave: lvl 4 in cleave line
Lay on Hands Lv3: new target heal spell

Mass Swiftness: group speed and dam spell
Restore Chi Lv3: new self heal spell
Clear Mind: removes negative effects from self

Dark Knight:
Vicious Will: Sac 30% def Add 30% swing
Feed Soul Lv3: new self heal spell
Break Binds: removes negative effects from self

Counter Song: Remove negative effects from party
Bardic Melody Lv2: upgraded bardic melody more everything
Soothing Song Lv3: New Self Heal Spell
Song of Health Lv3: Group heal Spell
Killing Song: AOE 8 target vita attack

Greater Cleave: lvl 4 in cleave line
Break Spell: Remove negative effects from party
Nightshade Stimulant Lv3: New Self heal Spell

Seal Wound Lv3: New Self heal Spell
Conjure Life Lv3: New Self Heal Spell

Water of Life Lv3: new Self Heal Spell

Mend Flesh Lv3: new Self heal Spell

All priests:
New targetable heal available.



The rest of the Rank 2 spells are available:

Poisoned Weapon: Add poison to swings

Hasten Ally: Increase target speed and attack damage
Tri Wave: Fire, Ice and Lightning attack on foes in front of you
Heavenly Assault: Large AOE attack
Dispell Debuff: Remove negative effects from target

Morna Quake: Massive quake damages foes in an area
Summon Treant Child: Summons a young tree to pull aggression from your foes
Mud Slide: Large AOE attack

Drain Target: Drains an enemy’s life and paralyzes you both
Chain Necroplasmic Blast: Powerful blast chains for 3 hits
Darkness Rising: Large AOE attack

Align Mind: Edited remove negative effects spell
Summon Ancestor: Summon a Healing companion (burst heals on group)
Consecrated Smite: AOE Smite Melee

Purify Soul: Remove negative effects from target
Absolve Blows: ignore damage temporarily
Pillars of Purification: Large Damage Area Attack
Avatar of God: Act with extreme speed

Declare Enemy: Do double damage to your enemy for a time.
Death Wave: Damage the area in front of caster.
Banish Salvation: Removes negative effects.

New Mount Boxes have been added to Kandi’s shop, all with incrased speed compared to previous mounts.
Earthworks 2 has been reduced to level 40 from level 45.
Crafting Tools (Copper, Iron, Adamantium and their wood equivalents) have a chance of gaining additional materials from gathering.
The higher your gathering rank is, the higher the chance of getting bonus materials.


Updated Bartender and Path Kill dailies to include all new Crypt and Cold Iron mobs, and also rewrote the system so new mobs will be added automatically.
Lapis Shop updated with new weapon skins and coats.
Minor updates to Cold Iron boss AI.
Some older rare and epic mounts have had their speed increased.
F1 Cave Chart updated with all current caves, and now will also link to Bestiary.


Mount speed should no longer reset on map change.
New repeatable questgivers added to Hon, Lortz and Cold Iron.

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