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Hello, everyone!
Things have been a little quiet on the Updates board, so I’m going to talk a little bit about what we have done, what we are doing, and where we will go from here.
Due to our poor communication in the past, some of you think we that there is a “Big Update” coming, and are still waiting for an announcement before coming back to play.
Again, this was a miscommunication on the part of our team, there is not a single “Big Update” but instead a series of small changes and adjustments that we have been making for the past few weeks, and those adjustments are ready to be tested out at this point.
We spent a lot of time reworking the basic combat mechanics in the hopes of creating a better game flow and feeling, while eliminating the massive exponential increases in damage that were causing us difficulty when trying to prototype higher level content.
At the current point in time, we have changed Wizard combat math and mechanics have entirely, and are now using a system very similar to the other three paths, making them much easier to balance without an entirely separate set of calculations.
In addition, nearly every spell for base paths and spec paths has been adjusted for testing, but our capability to test on a large scale is limited by the small size of our team.
What that means is that at this junction, we would like as many people as possible to come and test their capabilities and report to us their experiences with the game. In particular, we are seeking feedback on the spell edits and how they feel to use, so if you have a concern about a spell’s damage, mana cost, vita cost, aether, or really any other aspect, please do let us know and the spell can be flagged for further review.
Another aspect that has changed quite a bit is Monster EXP. We faced an issue with many people being dissatisfied with the baseline EXP, leading to a situation where many players only wanted to play during times of Divine Light EXP bonuses.
So what we have done is to massively increase the baseline EXP granted by most monsters, and Divine Light is not available currently, and will stay unavailable until we have reached a conclusion.
We have been discussing ways to implement the DL system without these issues, and the idea we are currently tossing around is to increase the time granted for each 500 lapis, but to eliminate the higher bonus tiers and only allow a 1.25x exp increase. As with other aspects of the game, suggestions and feeback in this area are also greatly appreciated.
Our current major goal is to finish preparing the Underdark instance for release, and we have been making significant progress:
– Maps are ready for the dungeon and entrance.
– Monster and Boss AI/behavior is ready for testing.
– Monster and Boss stats are ready for testing.
– Instance hosting/joining system is ready for testing.
– Other aspects of the instance are scripted and ready for testing.
– Mob drops are completed and inserted to database.
– Unique boss drops are INCOMPLETE.
– NPC Scripts for dungeon quest are INCOMPLETE.
After the completion and release of the Underdark, we will move on to further goals:
– Leathercrafting is nearly complete, but was put on the backburner until the Underdark is ready.
– After Leathercrafting, we are planning to introduce Gemcrafting in order to use all those pretty ambers that drop these days.
– Beyond that, we would like to introduce several new, permanent, quests but those are still in the planning stages.
– Third Mark is still in the future, as very few characters currently meet the requirements for that advancement.
Thank you all for your continued support of MornaTK, we hope to continue providing a fun gaming experience for a long time to come.

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