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    Recent Updates

    12 December 2017 , by admin

    All of our updates are posted on the in-game boards, but it has been a while since they were posted on the website. These are all of the in-game update posts we have made since the end of October:     11/1/17 Many bosses will see through your invisibility properly Quest writing template added to the english community and quest/guide... Read more

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    Updates in October

    8 October 2017 , by admin

    It’s been a while since this page was updated, but new things are happening in the game all the time! Here’s a sample of our updates from October so far: Announcements: If you are missing any items from your bank, please alert a GM. This issue is known and has been resolved, but the fix must be applied to each... Read more

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    Specialization Update

    27 August 2017 , by admin

    Update on Specs to my knowledge:   The cathay spec npc’s are set up now with their info for changing paths, only need to be active and have spells in the learn spell function.   Rebirth mechanics have everything except the new base minimum vita and mana stats.   All spells formulas, scripts, animations, and sounds are completed... Read more

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    Small client update

    29 July 2017 , by admin

    Good morning/evening everyone, We have just released a small update affecting the client during the load process (no more annoying pop ups dialog boxes). Also is a fix preparing the game to use the itemshop/preview system. Please take the time to ensure your game client is up-to-date, which you can verify by looking inside the “patcher”... Read more

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    New Combat System Implemented

    23 July 2017 , by admin

    As many of you may already know, we have been working tirelessly on the new combat system. It is our great pleasure to announce that it has gone live. We delayed making the announcement because we knew there was going to be a lot of kinks to work out before it could be called completed. We are still aware there... Read more

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    Morna Updates

    18 July 2017 , by admin

    Update: As of this night, all that is left before releasing new combat system are mob spells. Luckily most of the mobs with spells have been constantly pushed back, so there is not a massive amount of spell needing new formulas. What will be available on release of system? Well that’s a very thoughtful question. On release there will be... Read more

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    First Morna Ranked Event: Squi...

    10 July 2017 , by admin

    Ladies and Gentlemen,   Let me present to you our first ever MornaTK Ranked event: Squirrel Slayer Extreme! By logging into the game and seeking out these pesky little critters, your name will be entered on a leader board with the amount of squirrel kills. This number increments by one for each squirrel you kill. There will be 1st, 2nd,... Read more

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    Combats and Costumes

    17 June 2017 , by admin

    As of today the Fighter and Wizard have complete formulas for all spells 1 – 255.  All Fighter, Scoundrel, Wizard, and Priest Shop items have stats from 1 – 255. All Fighter spells have formulas in spells on test server. Wizard spell formulas need to be transferred from charts into the spells themselves on test server. Scoundrel an... Read more

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    Minor client update & com...

    11 June 2017 , by admin

    MornaTK players, This morning, we have released a minor update to the client itself, displaying a new welcome screen/main menu and an updated userlist/ctrl-w list to reflect the main class names. These changes can be accessed by simply launching the game with the launcher if you are not already doing so and it is required that you close the game... Read more

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    Current Combat System

    29 May 2017 , by admin

    We will be making many changes to every aspect of the games combat systems over the next week. This will be represented in a real time environment so it will affect players and paths in specific as changes are made. Some players may feel discouraged or even upset over there damage in comparison to someone else’s damage. I would like... Read more

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