Morna is a unique world for all players to Experience. This world is a land based on the fantasy series of Morna Tales.


Priests come into battle with their clubs held high. Primarily there to keep the party alive, but they also have substantial tanking ability and can put some hurt on the enemies.


Wizard grows in ranks, they will increase their range. Higher level skills will also do more and more damage. Every group should have one.


Single Target High Damage Output. They locate a victim and snuff them out. Very mobile and can offer a lot to any party.


Tanks. They have incredible aggro pulling potential and are essential for very difficult caves. They do not have good healing powers and as such they will require a Priest.

MornaTales // GENERAL NEWS

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    New Combat System Implemented

    23 July 2017 , by admin

    As many of you may already know, we have been working tirelessly on the new combat system. It is our great pleasure to announce that it has gone live. We delayed making the announcement because we knew there was going to be a lot of kinks to work out before it could be called completed. We are still aware there...

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    Morna Updates

    18 July 2017 , by admin

    Update: As of this night, all that is left before releasing new combat system are mob spells. Luckily most of the mobs with spells have been constantly pushed back, so there is not a massive amount of spell needing new formulas. What will be available on release of system? Well that’s a very thoughtful question. On release there will be...

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    First Morna Ranked Event: Squi...

    10 July 2017 , by admin

    Ladies and Gentlemen,   Let me present to you our first ever MornaTK Ranked event: Squirrel Slayer Extreme! By logging into the game and seeking out these pesky little critters, your name will be entered on a leader board with the amount of squirrel kills. This number increments by one for each squirrel you kill. There will be 1st, 2nd,...

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    Combats and Costumes

    17 June 2017 , by admin

    As of today the Fighter and Wizard have complete formulas for all spells 1 – 255.  All Fighter, Scoundrel, Wizard, and Priest Shop items have stats from 1 – 255. All Fighter spells have formulas in spells on test server. Wizard spell formulas need to be transferred from charts into the spells themselves on test server. Scoundrel an...

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    Minor client update & com...

    11 June 2017 , by admin

    MornaTK players, This morning, we have released a minor update to the client itself, displaying a new welcome screen/main menu and an updated userlist/ctrl-w list to reflect the main class names. These changes can be accessed by simply launching the game with the launcher if you are not already doing so and it is required that you close the game...

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    Current Combat System

    29 May 2017 , by admin

    We will be making many changes to every aspect of the games combat systems over the next week. This will be represented in a real time environment so it will affect players and paths in specific as changes are made. Some players may feel discouraged or even upset over there damage in comparison to someone else’s damage. I would like...

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    Server Upgrade!

    19 May 2017 , by admin

    At this time we are implementing multiple map-servers. This will greatly increase the ability to expand the game.  There is expected to be some bugs in transition of this. We have it working perfectly with a few GM’s online. We can’t replicate how the server will respond to many players at once. So you are the testers after all. Ne...

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    Current State of Morna

    16 May 2017 , by admin

    First and foremost, many know we hit the capacity of data that can run at any given time on one map-server. This has caused us to work on adding more servers into the game. These servers are not preset up. Every bit of it required piece by piece assembly and hours of testing and error handling. All team members were...

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    Group Bug Fixed

    13 May 2017 , by admin

    We know you have all been very frustrated by the bug causing clients to crash with groups of 5 or more players. We are happy to announce that this has been solved, and you can return to your regular 8-person hunting groups. Groups of any size can be formed, but hunting groups can only consist of a maximum 8 players....

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    MornaTK 2.0 Download

    4 May 2017 , by admin

    Morna players, This post serves as notification of an upgraded client which can be found on the Downloads page.

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