Morna is a unique world for all players to Experience. This world is a land based on the fantasy series of Morna Tales.


Priests come into battle with their clubs held high. Primarily there to keep the party alive, but they also have substantial tanking ability and can put some hurt on the enemies.


Wizard grows in ranks, they will increase their range. Higher level skills will also do more and more damage. Every group should have one.


Single Target High Damage Output. They locate a victim and snuff them out. Very mobile and can offer a lot to any party.


Tanks. They have incredible aggro pulling potential and are essential for very difficult caves. They do not have good healing powers and as such they will require a Priest.

MornaTales // GENERAL NEWS

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    Current State of Morna

    16 May 2017 , by admin

    First and foremost, many know we hit the capacity of data that can run at any given time on one map-server. This has caused us to work on adding more servers into the game. These servers are not preset up. Every bit of it required piece by piece assembly and hours of testing and error handling. All team members were...

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    Group Bug Fixed

    13 May 2017 , by admin

    We know you have all been very frustrated by the bug causing clients to crash with groups of 5 or more players. We are happy to announce that this has been solved, and you can return to your regular 8-person hunting groups. Groups of any size can be formed, but hunting groups can only consist of a maximum 8 players....

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    MornaTK 2.0 Download

    4 May 2017 , by admin

    Morna players, This post serves as notification of an upgraded client which can be found on the Downloads page.

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    MornaTK 2.0

    29 April 2017 , by admin

    Morna Players, We have completed migrating to a new server host as well as providing a surprise upgrade to the latest client, version 7.49. Stability issues that were faced in the recent weeks should no longer be an issue. There are still a few issues to be corrected but overall the game is very playable and we are now afforded...

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    New Server Status

    28 April 2017 , by admin

    New Server Status: Still has not crashed. Is loaded with all scripts, npcs, mobs, spawns, maps, warps, spells, and items. With that being said, we still want to comb through all the scripts. Verify that every one of them call the right mobs, maps, and items from the databases. This will eliminate many issues with earlier level quests and daily̷...

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    11 April 2017 , by admin

    Beta 2.0 has begun! The softwipe has occurred and all the new game mechanics have been implemented. If you find any bugs during your adventures, please report them on the bug report or send a support ticket on the website! Thank you to all the Alpha and Beta testers be sure to pick up your Alpha and Early beta Rewards…

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    Launch Approaching

    9 April 2017 , by admin

    With our Launch Date rapidly approaching there are a few things we would like to encourage you to do. First, check out www.mornatales.com/ The website has been being worked on a lot lately, it is not completed yet but it is far superior to the past layouts. Second, go through the boards and gather any data you wish to save….

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    Morna Beta 2.0 begins April 11...

    4 April 2017 , by admin

    The Journey begins! Alright Ladies and Gentlegerms. A decision has been rendered on how we will launch Beta 2.0! This decision is non negotiable. We are performing a soft wipe on the server. This means that your characters will not be deleted. They will have any Lapis they have, and any Lapis items they have purchased. They wil…

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