Morna is a unique world for all players to Experience. This world is a land based on the fantasy series of Morna Tales.


Priests come into battle with their clubs held high. Primarily there to keep the party alive, but they also have substantial tanking ability and can put some hurt on the enemies.


Wizard grows in ranks, they will increase their range. Higher level skills will also do more and more damage. Every group should have one.


Single Target High Damage Output. They locate a victim and snuff them out. Very mobile and can offer a lot to any party.


Tanks. They have incredible aggro pulling potential and are essential for very difficult caves. They do not have good healing powers and as such they will require a Priest.

MornaTales // GENERAL NEWS

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    Third Mark is here!

    16 November 2018 , by admin

    We are pleased to announce that after much time and even more work, Third Mark trials are now available from the Specialization trainers in Cathay. Third Mark will grant new spells and allow further advancement of your character’s statistics, granting access to new hunting areas at the higher-end of Cold Iron Plains. In addition, Third Mark c...

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    What the heck are we doing?

    28 June 2018 , by admin

    Hello, everyone!   Things have been a little quiet on the Updates board, so I’m going to talk a little bit about what we have done, what we are doing, and where we will go from here.   Due to our poor communication in the past, some of you think we that there is a “Big Update” coming, and are...

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    Happy 1 Year Anniversary

    4 April 2018 , by admin

    April 10 will be 1 year of Beta. New item added to mini game shop. Collection for x3 event started. 50,000 Lapis to start x3. We have completed adding hunting grounds from 5 – 200 now. Crafting locations have never been more populated. Server population is stable and regular. All known server crashing bugs are repaired. Don’t forget to ...

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    Updates since December

    25 February 2018 , by admin

    We know this website doesn’t get updated as often as some of you would like, but here are the Updates posts from our ingame boards since December:     12/12/17 Fixed a bug preventing Smith Hammer from being crafted Fixed another bug related to item repair and non-repairable items Major work done on Shearing, Weaving, Tailoring. Tail...

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    Valentines Updates

    10 February 2018 , by admin

    Valentine’s is coming and Hon is at War. The enemy may be upon us but that does not mean there is no time for love. At 12:01 AM EST on 2/10, 2x exp and drop rates will be activated and run through the next weekend. Full week of extra drops, exp, and fun for all levels. In addition, the Lapis...

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    Rank 2

    26 December 2017 , by admin

    Merry Christmas! Rank 2 (Ee San) trials are available, rank 2 spells are not yet complete. Super early and untested, so have fun and report your bugs.

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    Christmas Event

    20 December 2017 , by admin

    Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!  It’s that time ladies and gentlegerms. The event is opened. Christmas Event has Started: x3 EXP has Started! x2 Craft EXP has Started! x2 Drop Rates has Started! Event Starts inside the Guild Main Hall. Talk to Ernest! Tons of brand new items and a few items returned from the past! Happy Hunting!

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    Recent Updates

    12 December 2017 , by admin

    All of our updates are posted on the in-game boards, but it has been a while since they were posted on the website. These are all of the in-game update posts we have made since the end of October:     11/1/17 Many bosses will see through your invisibility properly Quest writing template added to the english community and quest/guide...

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    Updates in October

    8 October 2017 , by admin

    It’s been a while since this page was updated, but new things are happening in the game all the time! Here’s a sample of our updates from October so far: Announcements: If you are missing any items from your bank, please alert a GM. This issue is known and has been resolved, but the fix must be applied to each...

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    Specialization Update

    27 August 2017 , by admin

    Update on Specs to my knowledge:   The cathay spec npc’s are set up now with their info for changing paths, only need to be active and have spells in the learn spell function.   Rebirth mechanics have everything except the new base minimum vita and mana stats.   All spells formulas, scripts, animations, and sounds are completed...

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