Morna is a unique world for all players to Experience. This world is a land based on the fantasy series of Morna Tales.


Priests come into battle with their clubs held high. Primarily there to keep the party alive, but they also have substantial tanking ability and can put some hurt on the enemies.


Wizard grows in ranks, they will increase their range. Higher level skills will also do more and more damage. Every group should have one.


Single Target High Damage Output. They locate a victim and snuff them out. Very mobile and can offer a lot to any party.


Tanks. They have incredible aggro pulling potential and are essential for very difficult caves. They do not have good healing powers and as such they will require a Priest.

MornaTales // GENERAL NEWS

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    Subpath Elders

    28 December 2019 , by admin

    Applications for Subpath Elder’s are now open! Please nmail your application to Subpaths (char name). Please use this format below! Path applying for: Name: Why would you like to be elder?: -Subpaths

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    The Royal Banquet

    21 November 2019 , by admin

    The Royal Family of Cathay presents the: The Royal Banquet   We would like to welcome one and all to join us at the Royal Banquet. This will be a great opportunity for the community to meet the royal family and take part in Morna History with the first of many to come role play events. We hope you all...

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    We’re back!

    9 November 2019 , by admin

    Hello everyone! We are launching Morna Tales again as of now (Friday at 8pm est). The exiles have found a new home!

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